Managing Your Digital Life with iOS

Managing Your Digital Life with iOS

  • Join us as we explore how to leverage our digital devices to enhance our personal and professional lives. Learn through discussion, hands-on learning, and intentional tangents as we look at the iPhone and iPad. Explore advanced calendar features including notifications and alerts. Learn productivity apps such as Evernote and its family of tools. Delve into social networking for professional growth, with a focus on Twitter as well as associated apps to connect and extend our professional learning networks. We will have work time throughout to create accounts, explore and gain confidence.

Presenter:  Sean Martinson


Twitter: @smartinson



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  • Additional information from session is available by request, email or @smartinson through Twitter.  I’d love it if you could join us.  The power is in the discussion.  The document linked below is simply a guide.  If by looking at the PDF you are able to gather all the same information that you’d gain from our face to face time, I’ve failed as a presenter.  I am always available by cell phone at 218-259-3129. Feel free to text or call.  If I have time I’ll answer immediately, if I don’t answer just leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Portfolios and Assessments Using Apple’s iPad

Explore how to use the iPad to create student portfolios using apps such as EverNotee and how to import existing assessments for organization on the iPad with apps such as GoodReader. The presenter speaks from the elementary school perspective, including Kindergarten.

Mentioned Sites:

Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN) through Social Networking for Educators

Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN) through Social Networking for Educators:  Participants learn how to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by leveraging the power of social networking sites (and similar tools – Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Ning, Ed2.0, etc.).  Participants will examine the implications that these sites/tools have for professional learning, networking, and development.



Mobile Carts

Mobile Cart: So your school has a Mobile Cart of computers or a COW (Computers on Wheels).  Now what do you do?:  Participants will explore how you can use a COW in your classroom for whole group instruction, small group instruction, and individualized learning.  Session will explore the tool, how to manage classroom use, introduce to students, and common websites, applications, and practices.

  • The COW 101
  • COW Management
    • Physical Management
      • Who, What, Where, When, Why, How….
    • Classroom Management
      • Whole Group, Small Group, Individual
    • Student Introductions
      • Rules, trainings, etc.

Supplemental Resources you may find helpful:


Infusing Technology Into Elementary Literacy Curriculum

Infusing Technology Into Elementary Literacy Curriculum:  Attendees will participate in a general session (show, share, demo, and discussion) on technology tools that integrate into elementary literacy instruction.  Discussion will center around past, current, and future technologies teachers have access to.  Some topics and tools include: document cameras, interactive white boards, hand held devices (iPods/iPads), websites, laptops, etc.  Discussion will speak specifically to elementary school literacy instruction and use the Balanced Literacy Frameworks as a guide (whole group instruction, small group instruction, literacy stations, shared reading, guided reading, writer’s workshop, etc.) .  You need not be an expert to attend this session.  This is a general overview and will show many tools you may not have even thought to use.  There will be follow-up sessions that go deeper into a specific tools/topics.

Additional Documentation:

Elementary Literacy Apps for iPads and iPods

Elementary Literacy Apps for iPads and iPods:  Participants will take a hands on tour of the iPod and iPad and explore specific literacy apps for both devices.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device – Presenter will also have additional tools on hand for borrowing during the session).

Presentation direct link.
Additional Documentation:


Elementary Literacy Websites

Elementary Literacy Websites:  A hands on look at websites available for use as literacy support in an elementary classroom.  A hands-on tour will be taken of different free and pay for websites along with discussions of how to access for single students, small group, and large group instruction/support.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device – Presenter will have additional tools on hand for borrowing during the session).

Additional Documentation:

Direct link to presentation.